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2016 OzSGA Honorees

2016 Player of the Year

Eddie Lane

Eddie was born in Conway, Arkansas. He began playing guitar at 12 years of age and was playing lead guitar with local bands at 16.  In the mid 1970’s he became good friends with Zane Beck, owner of BMI Steel Guitar Company.  Zane built a single 10 for Eddie, showed him the string groups and said, “You learn it!”  Eddie “learned it” and also learned how to repair and adjust steel guitars.  That steel guitar repair work has kept him pretty busy for over forty years doing work for people from just about everywhere.

In 1979, Eddie, his wife Nancy and daughter Melanie moved to Branson.  Eddie began his professional career playing lead guitar and singing full time for the Bob-O-Links Country Hoedown Show. In 1984 he joined the Plummer Family Music Show as their steel guitarist. He retired from the music shows in 1990 and went to work for College of the Ozarks where he was Security Supervisor for twenty years.  Now retired… he works part time for Stage One Guitars, building Stage One and Encore Steel Guitars. Eddie writes gospel music and has his own recording studio where he records his music as well as a few projects for other people. Although retired from the Branson music scene, he has filled in ocassionally for some of the shows, plays a gig every now and then and plays some steel guitar shows.  

Eddie is a proud Air Force Veteran. 

2016 Honoree of the Year

Roy Rosetta

Roy Rosetta grew up in Port Arthur, Tx. He began studying piano at an early age with a lot of encouragement from  Moon Mulligan. 

 Roy has had the privilege of playing behind many artists such as Willie Nelson, Jim Reeves, Don Meredith, Billie Jo Spears,  George Jones and many more fine artists. At this time he also worked as a studio musician for Verve Records recording with many artists. 

In 1986, Roy was introduced to the world of steel guitar by Terry Simpson. Herby Wallace came to do a seminar at Terry’s store. He asked Roy to play the piano on the jam portion of the seminar.  At the request of Herby, Roy went to the Dallas Steel Guitar Jamboree and played on Herby’s set. This was the beginning of a long term union. The Dallas show producer asked Roy to become the first piano player to be in the staff band, and the St. Louis producer, Scotty Scott, asked Roy to join their staff band at the International Steel Guitar Association. Roy began to play shows in Knoxville, Tn., Atlanta, Ga., Hot Springs, Ar., and many more.

2017 OzSGA Honorees

Player of theYear

Mike McGee

Mike McGee began playing guitar at the age of 11 before changing to lap steel then to pedal steel in 1971. He began his professional career as a pedal steel guitarist in 1974. Mike performed with Mel Street, David Wills, Jerry Wallace, Stan Hitchcock and Branson promoter Jim Thomas. At Branson’s Hee Haw Theatre, he worked with all the Hee Haw gang including Buck Trent, Archie Campbell, The Hagar Twins and Kenny Price. Mike was the staff steel guitarist for both Dungeon Studios and American Artists Studios in Springfield, Mo for many years. He recorded hundreds for sessions for many of the Ozarks region’s finest singers and musicians, including Boxcar Willie’s award-winning album ‘Daddy Was a Railroad Man’. 

Mike currently owns and operates Limestone Recording Studio serving as both producer and engineer and playing many of the instruments on the CDs. In 2005 he released his own CD of pedal steel music. He continues to play for area artists and regional steel guitar shows.

For many years, Mike has supported the Ozarks Steel Guitar Association as well as the other Steel Guitar clubs in the area. He has taught many steel guitar seminars as well as individuals to master the steel. As he plays numerous instruments, you will frequently see him on stage filling in for another musician.

Honoree of the Year

  Buddy Lewis

Buddy has been the sound engineer and playing bass for the Ozark Steel Guitar Association for over ten years. He is at every jam and show that we have, always set up and ready to go. Buddy’s dependability, his willingness to help the club and his caring attitude help make our shows and jams the success that they are.

Buddy Lewis grew up in Houston, Texas. As a teenager, Buddy started to play the honkytonks and was eventually allowed to sing. As Buddy learned to sing and play guitar in the honkytonks he worked with many well known artists. Out of this honkytonk upbringing, Buddy developed respect and love for the pickers and singers who ply their trade in the honkytonks. Buddy Lewis is a singer, bassist, guitarist, songwriter, recording engineer, sound engineer and lover of country music. He has been performing for over 35 years. 

Most Improved Player

 JoAnn Kreder

At the request of the audience, a new category has been added to our honorees. That is the Most Improved Player of the Year.  JoAnn Kreder was selected.

JoAnn used to play with her Father years ago. She quit playing and put her steel guitar under her bed for 25 years. Then… she got grandkids. As all of you know, grandkids can find any hidden item in a house. They wanted to know what that thing under the bed was. She pulled it out and started play again. That was a little over 3 years ago. She has been playing jams and shows ever since then. She also plays in an all-girl band up by St. Charles, Mo.